Tamil refugees returning to Sri Lanka after the civil war struggle to establish themselves amid the remnants of their former lives.


VSO volunteer Marina Kersbergen brings management skills that help refugee organisation OfERR to provide essential support.


OfERR is planning a brighter future for Tamil refugees.

Thinking flexibly: helping Tamil refugees in Sri Lanka

After her initial placement ended early, VSO volunteer Marina Kersbergen began looking for a fresh challenge. She found it, and a true sense of achievement, with an organisation helping Tamil refugees to rebuild their lives in Sri Lanka.


Weighed down by bureacracy, the HR department of Namibia's Ministry of Education struggles to work more effectively.


VSO volunteer Jelda Veninga brings organisational skills acquired to the HR department of the country’s overstretched Ministry of Education.


Streamlined systems, a plan for the future are all positive outcomes of Jelda’s work.

Making connections: managing human resources in Namibia

Administration can be a headache, wherever you are in the world, and Namibia’s Ministry of Education is no exception. Ranstad employee and VSO volunteer Jelda Veninga is bringing organisational skills and enthusiasm to a hectic HR department.


Even though a quarter of the population of Namibia is living with HIV and AIDS, there is still a lack of awareness.


Working with NGO Youth 2 Youth, VSO volunteer Martijn Whien teaches HIV and AIDS prevention to the young people of the Kavango region.


Tapping into the remarkable enthusiasm of the people he works with, Martijn is helping Namibia to recover from a debilitating epidemic.

Releasing potential: fighting HIV and AIDS in Namibia

HIV and AIDS have a debilitating effect on Namibian society and threaten to impede its development. VSO volunteer Martijn Whien brings energy, organisational development expertise and an open mind to this challenging situation.

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