20 years of GCE: what has been achieved in education and what do we still need to do?

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On December 12, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 20 Global Campaign for Education (GCE). Corine Sips from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Penina Olum from FAWE and Emmanuel Manyasa from Twaweza (both member of GCE-Kenya) and other guests, look back from their own perspective. What progress did they see, what have we achieved? But also: what is not going well yet and what do we still need to do?

One thing is clear: we are not there yet. A lot of effort still needs to be made to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4. There is a growing trend to view education as a series of measurable skills that primarily serve the job market. How does this trend relate to the Sustainable Development Goals? They focus on a society that is livable, inclusive, peaceful and democratic for everyone. But much more is needed to achieve that. Therefore, this meeting will focus on one aspect in education that we believe needs more attention: Life Skills. What are they, what are they for and why are they important? We will also discuss several aspects of Life Skills and how we can include them in our own policies. Finally, we will reflect on the role Life Skills play on the international education agenda.

Date: Thursday, December 12
Time: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. (14:00-17:00 hrs)
Location: BAS Consultancy, Nassauplein 25, 2585 EC Den Haag
Language: English

14:00-14:30 hrs    Walk-in with coffee and tea
14:30-15:15 hrs    Opening: 20 years GCE
15:15-15:30 hrs    Short introduction of Life Skills
15:30-16:15 hrs    Break-out sessions
16:15-16:30 hrs    Wrap-up
16:30-17.00 hrs    Drinks

We are looking forward to welcome you on the 12th! To register, send an e-mail to info@globalcampaignforeducation.nl before December 6. Please state your full name and the name of your organization.

Hope to see you there!
Global Campaign for Education, Netherlands

For 20 years, the Global Campaign for Education has been the largest global network of civil society organizations that champions the right to good education for all. That right is enshrined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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