After attending our webinars you will:

  • know everything about the practical preparation before going abroad
  • know where you can find our latest opportunities
  • know where to go when you have a question or want to apply
  • hear first-hand experiences of a former volunteer


About VSO

We work with local and international professionals to fight poverty in developing countries. By exchanging knowledge, we jointly build towards better health care, accessible education and work for women, young people and people with disabilities. We work in those places of the world where our efforts are most needed. All our programmes focus on building resilience, social responsibility, gender equality and social inclusion.

Our projects always revolve around a community demand. We look at what knowledge and skills are needed. Mostly the knowledge is present in the country itself. If the knowledge is not available locally, we will work with professionals from other countries.

We are regularly looking for professionals from Europe who want to share their knowledge and experience. VSO professionals work together with local colleagues for a longer period of time. They work full-time with a local allowance, because we believe equality is essential for progress.

Working abroad in Africa and Asia

Working abroad is a unique and unforgettable experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. A placement abroad through VSO will challenge you to deal with situations you are unlikely to encounter in your home country. During your VSO period you will:

  • Use your skills and experience to have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives and fight poverty together
  • Experience cultural differences by working together with national and/or international colleagues. This will give you a new perspective on your own norms and values.
  • Surprise yourself and develop new skills. Due to the limited resources you dispose of, you will be using your own knowledge and experience in an innovative way.

When are you eligible to work abroad as a VSO professional?

  • You have several years of working experience in (one of our themes):
    • Healthcare (mother and child care/ sexual reproductive health and rights)
    • Primary and/or special education
    • Livelihood (agriculture/ small business development/youth employment/resilience)
  • You are in the possession of a Bachelor or Master degree
  • You master the English language in both word and writing
Meet VSO Webinars

Are you a professional looking for a challenge abroad? Learn more about working abroad through VSO by participating in our online webinars.  Skilled VSO professionals working in the fields of healthcare, education and resilient livelihoods will tell you all about their experiences and of course you can ask questions.

Webinar Healthcare

The last webinar took place on the 26th of November 2019

Webinar Education

The last webinar took place on 27th of November.

Webinar Resilient Livelihoods

The last webinar took place on the 28th of November.

‘It was a great experience! There are many challenges, but if you are flexible and well-prepared, you will get there. A VSO placement is enriching and very useful for the people you work with.’

Jan Willem Lackamp, rector of secondary education and expert in Rwanda