At the moment the coronavirus is present in almost all countries where VSO works. COVID-19 can have major consequences for the people we want to help. In many countries, health care is inadequate, the economy is vulnerable and people’s ability to keep their distance or stay at home is limited.
The welfare of the communities, local volunteers, experts, employees and partners is our highest priority.
We are in constant contact with our local staff to discuss the latest updates and advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and national governments so that we can respond to the situation on a country-by-country basis. Our international medical and safety teams closely monitor the situation and take action where necessary.
We all face a huge challenge but will continue to help people in the most vulnerable areas of Africa and Asia.

International solidarity

Most developing countries are currently only experiencing the beginning of the epidemic. Together with more than 50 other organizations, we call on the Dutch government to show international solidarity, to reduce the pandemic worldwide.

Vacancies of foreign employment

Due to the long preparation time required (four months on average), we are continuing to recruit new professional experts who wish to share their knowledge with their colleagues and volunteers in Africa and Asia. In this way, we will be prepared with a pool of experts ready to work together on our future plans.

In the meantime, we are exploring the possibilities for e-volunteering in our programs. You can find the latest e-volunteer opportunities on our international website.

More than 40 international VSO volunteers are now ‘working remotely’, giving online support to vital projects around the world, despite having had to return home due to COVID-19. Read here more the work of our e-volunteers.

Thank you for your support, especially now

Together with our volunteers, donors and supporters, we strive to continue our work for the most vulnerable communities in Africa and Asia both now and in the future. Your gifts are therefore very welcome!

Examples of VSO’s worldwide fight against the coronavirus

• In Zimbabwe, VSO youth volunteers are committed to sharing scientifically correct information about COVID-19 on social media and to counteract false messages and rumors.
• In Ethiopia, our volunteers provide information and hand out resources in the most vulnerable communities.
• In Myanmar, our volunteers work closely with the Red Cross, with 44,000 people ready to provide emergency relief.
• In Kenya, we are broadcasting educational programs via local radio.
• VSO has also been asked by the UN to participate in the international support group for psychosocial aid.
• We have activated our youth network in 10 countries to highlight the importance of social distancing. Our youth volunteers have identified local WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter groups to reach as many young people as possible with correct information about COVID19.

Please visit our international website to read the statement of our CEO Philip Goodwin.

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