Vuvuzela shouts out for girls on International Women’s Day

Still too many girls and women are denied their rights and opportunities in life. Vuvuzela strengthens the voice of girls to hold powerholders accountable! Vuvuzela is composed of Edukans, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), WomEng, VSO and Afrika Youth Movement (AYM).

We believe and experience that education is the most powerful and viable vehicle to promote women’s rights and achieve gender equality. We envision a social and system change, to have strengthened civil society organisations, advocating for women’s rights and equitable education systems that prepare girls for 21st century socio-economic opportunities and leadership. For a better world: we need strong, tech savvy women and girls!

With operating space for civil society organisations under pressure worldwide, we aim to strengthen them to speak out, voice their dissent and hold stakeholders accountable. Our ambition is to have a strong impact on the positions, opportunities and voice of girls and boys, women and men in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Mali and Tunisia. We will lobby in the Netherlands and at international fora to strengthen our message.

Vuvuzela will contribute to widening civic space and countering shrinking space, in line with SDG16, and specifically contribute to achieving SDG4 ‘Quality Education’ and SDG5 ‘Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment’.

Do you agree that girls & boys should have equal educational opportunities?

Then show your support for women’s rights on International Women’s Day the 8th of March and share this message!