Theresia Ndalo– Secreraty of Geita Women Mining Association (GEWOMA)

Theresia is owner of a mining pit and holder of a Primary Mining License. She inherited the license from her mother, who also employed like her around 5 people. Many women are not able to invest in mining, because banks require a collateral for loans, like a good house, what most women don’t have. Usually also women are payed less in mining then men.

Theresia employed in the past children, around 16 years of age. At the Clarity project she realized this is illegal, and not for the benefit of the children.  

Selling the gold is not hard. Every town in mining regions have gold markets where you can sell according to standardized prices. A digital board shows you the price of the day.  

GEWOMA was supported in many ways by the Clarity project. They have a strategic plan now, and received 15 mining licenses for 15 women miners group. Gewoma will remain the owner of the licenses, decisions will be made by the board. Theresia doesn’t see this as compettion to her own pit, as there is room for more.  

Regular mining associations are organized by men who have their own pits. For women this was much harder, until they received the licences for free from the governement. They do need to pay the annual prolongation of the license.