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VNA project and the ‘My World of Work’ programme

The Vijana na Ajira (VNA), Youth and Employment project is one of the projects of VSO (Volunteer Services Oversea) in cooperation with the RGZ (Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar). One of the components of the VNA project is the ‘My World of Work’ programme (MWoW programme).

The MWoW programme wants to improve the social and economic position of young adults in Zanzibar by developing the various competences they need for employment, self-employment or entrepreneurship. For that purpose, stronger links between the private sector and vocational training are crucial. The Vocational Training Authority (VTA), NACTE (the National Council for Technical Education), all Vocational Training Centres and Institutes on Zanzibar are involved as partners in this MWoW programme. They have a major responsibility in equipping youth with the necessary skills to enter the labour market.
The MWoW programme has produced a toolkit with two key subjects: Competence Based Education and Training and Career Development.

Competence Based Education and Training (CBET)

Given the fact that VTA, VETA and NACTE have adopted the CBET (Competence Based Education and Training) way of teaching and learning, the start of the toolkit ‘My World of Work’ goes back to a one-day management meeting and a four-day Introduction Training on CBET. In this four-day training, four groups of teachers in construction, manufacturing and tourism in Unguja and Pemba got an introduction to the CBET approach. Based on this training the tools to implement the CBET approach were developed and shared with stakeholders and participants during all kind of activities of the MWoW programme in the following years. In an infographic, representing a tree, the concept of CBET is explained. In a manual ‘Training-of-Trainers (T-o-T) on CBET’, all subjects, exercises and instruments of the introduction training on CBET are included.

Career Development

The VNA project has a strong cooperation with the Department of Labour of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. Two Job and Career fairs were organised and an Entrepreneurial fair as well. The MWoW programme developed tools about Career Development: how to guide youth to vocational training and (self-) employment? This Career Development programme with more than 130 exercises enables teachers and trainers to select those exercises that fit the needs and the level of their group of youth. A manual Training of Trainers (T-o-T) was developed at the same time to support trainers and teachers of all kind of institutions to get familiar with the content and the facilitation of the exercises.


A lot of persons and organisations were involved in the activities of the ‘My World of Work’ programme of the VNA project. There was the cooperation with the Ministries of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and there were links with various companies, the VTA, NACTE, the Vocational Training Centres, Technical Institutes and several NGO’s. It was fruitful to share ideas about the development and implementation of the toolkit. All stakeholders and participants, thank you so much for your cooperation and support.

A special word of thank goes to all co-facilitators of Pemba and Zanzibar who supported the project with their translation and facilitation during the training we delivered: Hamed N. Said (VTA), Nafisa Iddi Omar (VTA), Fatma A. Juma (ZIToD) and Saada Ali Hamad (Vitongoji VTC, Pemba). In the end, it was Yahya Abdu, teacher communication (Vitongoji VTC, Pemba and Mkokotoni VTC, Unguja) who translated a lot of the English version into Kiswahili and did the editing of the translation that was done already.

Thanks to VSO and my colleagues of the VNA project. First of all, Abraham Mtongole, the project manager and networker who introduced me to all stakeholders and who supported me where needed. Sophie Oonk, volunteer from Randstad Netherlands who developed topic 5 ‘Discover your Business’ and who was a co-facilitator during all training sessions in the second period.

So many other persons have contributed to this toolkit: the Dutch e-volunteers who translated the exercises of the programme on Career Development in the first place and an e-volunteer of the Cash project who checked that English version. For the first lay-out it was Katie Wolgemuth, VSO Dar es Salaam who did the design and students Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, the Netherlands did the second version in English as well in Kiswahili. In the end, it was Kitty den Boogert, friend and former colleague, who checked carefully the updates of the toolkit and gave tips for improvement.

All of you, thank you so much!

Without your enthusiasm, active participation in the training sessions and without your ideas how to make this MWoW programme sustainable, I could not have done all the efforts to develop this toolkit.

Wil Bom
Educational advisor
February 2022