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In the My World of Work programme, carried out at Zanzibar in several years, more than 100 participants and stakeholders were involved in one or more activities in this part of the VNA project.

During the first period the activities were:

  • Management meeting of Vocational Training Authority and Vocational Training Centres;
  • A four-day Introduction Training on CBET: four groups of teachers in construction, manufactory and tourism on Unguja and Pemba;
  • Meetings to discuss proposals for the development of the toolkit My World of Work;
  • A three-day training in tailoring for a group of students from Mwanakwerekwe and Mkokotoni, with a practical assignment A beautiful tailor-made dress, designed and made by you in cooperation’. This training and contest was delivered by designer Aida A. Suleiman, from Sasik Women’s Cooperative in cooperation with VSO;

Between the two periods desk-work at home in the Netherlands was done, developing the Toolkit My World of Work, with the help of several volunteer translators.

During the second period the activities at Zanzibar were:

  • Meeting to launch the toolkit so far and to discuss the implementation;
  • A Training of Trainers (T-o-T) on CBET for those teachers who had already followed the Introduction Training on CBET: four days;
  • An Introduction Training on CBET for a wider group of teachers in Vocational Training, Technical institutes and advisors from National Teachers Resource Centre: four days;
  • An eight-day training on the programme on Career Development for teachers, counsellors and trainers who support youth in their career, in one way or the other.

Stakeholders and participants

Stakeholders and participants who shared their ideas, gave their support or participated in one or more activities were coming from:

  • Ministry of Labour, Employment, Elderly, Youth, Women and Children, MLEEYWC
  • Department of Employment, Youth and Empowerment
  • Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, MOEZ
  • Zanzibar Planning Commission
  • Vocational Training Authority, VTA
  • Vitongoji Vocational Training Centre, Pemba
  • Mwanakwerekwe Vocational Training Centre
  • Mkokotoni Vocational Training Centre
  • Karume Institute of Science and Technology, KIST
  • Incubation Center
  • National Council for Technical Education, NACTE
  • Zanzibar Institute for Tourism Development, ZIToD
  • Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academ – Zanzibar
  • Microtech Institute of Business Technology – Zanzibar
  • Zanzibar School of Health – Zanzibar
  • State University of Zanzibar, SUZA
  • National Teachers Resource Center – Zanzibar
  • Zanzibar Youth Council
  • KAWA Training Centre, KTC
  • Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar, PPIZ
  • Milele Foundation
  • Sasik Women’s Cooperative – Zanzibar
  • Kanga Kabisa
  • Rans Construction Company
  • Randstad Netherlands
  • MaruMaru Hotel
  • Vigor
  • VSO Tanzania