Strengthen health financing for more inclusive services

In honor of International Women’s Day, we recognize a pressing issue: a global crisis in policies that’s creating huge challenges for vulnerable communities. This crisis is caused by barriers that block people from getting the help they need, like essential resources and services. It’s sparked a widespread movement against rights and gender equality, especially affecting women and gender diverse individuals. This threatens to undo years of progress. These harmful policies are popping up worldwide, particularly in places where politics are tied to old colonial ways. To fight back, we must support groups and organizations working to stop these injustices. Everyone deserves access to quality services, leaving no one behind.

Our call to action for all UN member states is to:

  • To focus on and increase public health financing and reduce reliance on external financing for critical health services such as sexual and reproductive health care services and information.
  • Expand countries’ fiscal space for social spending by committing to systemic global level action against tax abuse, illicit financial flows, and unsolved debt crises.
  • Commit to public health financing systems that are designed to leave no one behind, and a cautious stance towards leveraging private finance for health.
  • To commit to a human rights, intersectional and gender transformative approaches and reject false solutions in addressing the current global crises.

Read here our statement and our call to action.

Learn more about our Make Way programme, where we’re working tirelessly to ensure everyone has access to essential sexual and reproductive health services.