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The CBET-tree

This CBET-tree is a metaphor for the whole system of CBET. It is an infographic on a poster and it informs you about the most important elements of CBET. It is plasticized in both A4 and A3 formats, so it can be put on a wall in schools or used in training sessions for teachers and management.

Introduction Training on CBET

Teachers of Vocational Training Centres and Technical Institutions got an Introduction Training on ‘What is CBET and how to facilitate Competence-Based Learning?’. This four-days’ training was given to 7 groups of teachers from Unguja and Pemba. Focus was on the concept of CBET (what and why?), skills to use activating methods (how?) and the development of practical assignments and career guidance activities (design).

Day 1 The concept of CBET

In this first day participants learn about CBET and get aware of the paradigm shift towards CBET, illustrated in 5 topics. They identify the implications of the shift by assessing their own institution, which make the major challenges visible. They set their goals and activities for the coming period.

Day 2 Activating methods

Participants reflect on the methods they use in their classes. Which ones do they like and why? They learn about the methods in facilitating in a CBET way and get aware of the shift that should be made. They prepare a part of a lesson with an activating method and practice that in the group. Together all participants give feedback ‘What was good?’ and ‘What can be improved?’

Day 3 Practical assignments

Participants get aware of the need to make a shift from theory to more practical assignments, connected with the demands of the labour market. They get insight in the criteria of the design, practice the design of a practical assignment in subgroups and reflect on them in the plenary.

Day 4 Career Development

In this last day participants get acquainted with the programme ‘Career Development’. In subgroups they choose one exercise from a topic and practice them in the group. At the end there is the evaluation of the training and making plans for implementation and giving tips how to do that.